Welcome to Imagine Miami. We're a "civic network" of local CHANGEMAKERS who want to make South Florida a better place to live. Connect with the people and events, the tools and training, and the support and advice you need to make a difference, starting in your own backyard. Share your own efforts. Discover and join those of others. 

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Imagine Miami is an initiative of the Human Services Coalition , an innovative local non-profit organization.


After asking numerous local residents about their preference -- CollectiveX versus Ning, it seems that the majority of folks we've spoken to prefer the Ning for their "civic" network. We are beginning to phase out our use of CollectiveX in favor of our Imagine Miami Ning site at

We have found the Ning easier to use. You can post events, photos, videos and even add to your own blog. You can form sub-groups and "friend" others on the network (like Facebook).

We will make a formal announcement soon, but in the meantime, we hope you'll start switching to our Ning!


HOW TO SAVE ON GAS (tips from Acción USA)

  • Modify how you drive. Use a moderated steady speed, instead of start-stop motions. Accelerate moderately with a "light foot".
  • Make sure you keep up on maintenance. Regularly check your tire pressure, wheel alignment, brakes, and air filter. If you can, use a good brand of engine oil.
  • Unpack your car. Those belongings that you're stowing away in the trunk add on extra weight that can cost you money! Every pound of excess load costs about 1 gallon of fuel in 100,000 miles.
  • Buy the right type of vehicle. If you own a car, or are looking to, buy one for every-day use. If you plan on taking longer trips at some points, rent a car instead. If you are an urban driver, use a hybrid with a smaller engine. If you are a highway-driver, use a turbo with a smaller engine.
  • Get a cash-back rewards credit card, they often offer 1-3% cash back for gas purchases! NOTE: If you sign up for a cash-back reward card, make sure to pay off your balance in full every month. These cards usually charge higher interest rates than regular credit cards.


(This area will display upcoming events as they approach on the calendar)


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